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Welcome to the Delaware County Democratic Party

Many citizens in our communities share the values and principles of the Democratic Party. DCDP.jpg

We come out of the working class and the middle class and advocate policies that support families seeking economic security.

We understand that accessible comprehensive healthcare is a fundamental right.

We know that education is a bedrock of economic advancement and must be open to all.

We believe that protecting the environment is essential to our future and that of our children.

We advocate for policies of peace over military intervention.

We support the protection of civil liberties and civil rights and stand up for those on the margins of society.

Achieving our goals on behalf of the American people is dependent on electing Democratic candidates in our communities and your support is the key to success.

If you share these values whether you are a democrat or an independent (and yes, disaffected Republicans too) join us and help change the face of politics here in Delaware County. Browse our Web site to learn more about the different ways you can get involved!