Ohio 2018 Democratic Candidates

US, OHIO, and Delaware County Democratic Candidates for 2018

 US Senate  Sherrod Brown  www.sherrodbrown.com
 12th US House District  Ed Albertson  albertson4congress.com
 Danny O'Connor  friendsofoconnor.com
 Jacqueline Patton  Jackiepattonforcongress.com
 John Peters  www.johnpetersforthe12th.com
 John Russell  www.russellforohio.com/
 Zach Scott  www.zachscottforcongress2018.com/
 Doug Wilson  www.dougwilson4ohio.com/meet-doug
 Governor*  Rich Cordray  cordrayforohio.com
 Larry Ealy  
 Jonathan Heavey  
 Dennis Kucinich  www.kucinich.com/
 Bill O'Neill  www.billforohio.com
 Joe Schiavoni  joeforjobs.com
 Attorney General*  Steve Dettelbach  steveforohio.com
 State Auditor*  Zack Space  www.zackspaceforohio.com
 Secretary of State*  Kathleen Clyde  kathleenclyde.com
 State Treasurer*  Rob Richardson  www.robforohio.com/robrichardson
  County Auditor  ‎ Indu Rajan  
 County Commissioner  Aileen Wagner  
 Judge of the Court of Appeals (5th District)  Patricia Delaney   
 19th State Senate*  Louise Valentine  www.valentineforohio.com/
 67th State House*  Cory Hoffman  
 68th State House*  Kathleen Tate  

*Eligible for $50 Ohio Tax Credit - Individuals in the state of Ohio are permitted to claim a tax credit on their state income tax return (Line 51) each year after contributing to one of the following political campaigns: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State, Attorney General, State Board of Education, Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, State Senate and/or State House of Representatives. Ohioans filing an individual return can claim $50.00 annually, while Ohioans filing a joint return can claim $100.00 annually. 




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