Farmers' Market Table Staffing

The Delaware County Democratic Party sponsors a weekly table on Sandusky Street over the summer at Main Street Delaware's thriving Saturday morning Farm Market.  Be the friendly, welcoming face of our party while sharing with friends and neighbors what is happening in our grassroots progressive and Democratic movement. Let them know how the party is working for them and how they can get involved.  Registering voters and growing our membership will help us flip our county blue in 2018 - and you can help us reach that goal with just a few hours of your time each month.  And of course, you'll have to pick up some fresh produce, jams and plants while you are there!

Would you like to volunteer?

  • If this is your first time volunteering with the Delaware Democratic Party, complete our Volunteer information form.
  • If you have already volunteered with us and you have an active account on our Web site, you can use the Farmers' Market event page for a given week to register as a volunteer (login required, see below).

Note: For more information about the Farmers' Market, visit the Main Street Delaware Web site.

No farmer's market table staffings yet.