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a-man-voting.jpgThe Voter Information page of the Delaware County Board of Elections contains key voting information and spells out the ABCs of voting. We recommend bookmarking this site in your browser.

Information includes:

- Ohio Online Voter Registration and Change of Address 
Registration Form 
Absentee Ballot Application 
Absentee Vote Center Hours & Deadlines 
Registration Cancellation Form 

Am I Registered? The first step is to make certain that your voter registration is up-to-date. This is especially important under current state regulations. If you have missed voting in even a few elections, your name could be removed from voter rolls. Polling locations can change. Make sure you know where to vote. 

You can register to vote by mail for any reason. If you think you may have difficulty getting to your polling place, you can apply in advance for an absentee ballot.

By doing a Voter Search, you can look up all your personal voter information including who your representatives are:

  1. Input your Last Name then First Name
  2. Click on "Voter Details" beneath your name
  3. From this page you can see your voting history you can also...
  4. Click the "Sample Ballot" link to see a sample ballot of for your Precinct
  5. Click the "View My Elected Officials" link to see all your specific elected officials

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